Bini Authentic Handmade Indian Curries

We pride ourselves to use the best fresh free range meat, vegetables and dairy products as well as authentic recipes using freshly ground hand blended spices that create a natural flavour and all from the Bini kitchen. 


Green Bean & Potato Curry

Green bean and potato is cooked with ajwain seed, asafoetida powder, tumeric, fresh ginger and sautéed onions and tomatoes. Topped with fresh coriander. Suitable for vegans and gluten free. 375g 

black chickpea curry

Nutty textured dark chickpea, caramelised spicy onions
cooked in a tomato masala and topped with fresh coriander. Suitable for vegans and gluten free. 375g.

Gujarati vegetable rice

A traditional Gujarati savoury spiced rice dish, with sweet bursting peas, vegetables and freshly chopped coriander. Suitable for vegans and gluten free. 300g.


Lamb & Spinach Curry

A rich, intense spiced curry from the Gujarat region of India. Made with soft, melt in your mouth pieces of British shoulder of lamb, thinly cut strips of spinach & chopped fenugreek leaves. 375g.

Moghul Chicken Curry

This Moghul Empire inspired curry has succulent chunks
of chicken, cooked in a creamy masala sauce with ground almonds, yoghurt & fresh coriander. 357g.

Classic Chicken Curry

Free range Somerset chicken thigh meat cooked in a spiced masala sauce, with sweet caramelised onions & tomatoes topped with fresh coriander. 375g.


Gujarati Toor Dal

A traditional golden lentil soup, cooked in a sweet-sour
spiced masala with freshly chopped coriander. It is a staple dish eaten in every Gujarati family home. 375g. 

Delhi Matar Paneer

Cubes of paneer cheese and sweet garden peas cooked in a spiced tomato, yoghurt, lemon & fresh coriander based sauce. A family favourite from the capital city of India. 375g.

Potato & Coconut Curry

A traditional southern Indian potato curry, cooked in coconut oil, delicate spices, fresh curry leaves, tomato, coconut milk and topped with fresh coriander. Suitable for vegans. 375g.