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Bini in her kitchen

Bini Fine Foods specialise in producing finished  frozen ready to heat luxury traditional Indian home cooked curries for business including top end motorway services, independent delis, farm shops, garden centres, glamping, self catering accommodation and all dining establishments. All of our curries are multi award winning

13 Great Taste Awards

Taste of the West Champion Product Award. 
Our dishes can be supplied frozen and are retail ready, have a 10 day shelf life (defrosted) or 12 months (frozen).
All are Gluten Free and we use local British f
ree range chicken and lamb. 

We have 11 delicious dishes- 5 meat, 6 vegetarian of which 5 are Vegan, each is cooked using traditional recipes inspired by the Gujarat region of India.

Cooked in Somerset, all Bini ready meals are inspired by family recipes and skills taught by her mother and aunties.

You are kindly reading this information, lets chat about the range and see how we can work together. 

Do leave a message by email bini@binifinefoods.co.uk 

We are happy to talk through your questions.

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1 star Great Taste Award  2023 - Dhaba Goat Curry 
GOLD award for Taste of the West - Dhaba Goat Curry

'Big chunks of meat in a glossy sauce, with a lovely authentic and appetising aroma. The meat id sift and savoury and the spicing balance and heat are well considered and work together with seasoning which is judged to suit the dish and bring together a delicious mouthful. The warmth grows on the palate and leaves a pleasing mouthfeel and aftertaste'.

'Absolutely fantastic. Lots of variety of spice, deep and rich. The sauce was lovely and thick, and left an incredibly luxurious mouthfeel and finish. This curry had an incredible depth of spice that was well balanced and seasoned. It had pleasant sharpness and the cardamom came through well'.
'The judges loved this curry they said they'd happily serve it to friends for a dinner party and the judges enquired where they could buy this from to enjoy it again'.
Western Daily Press Food and Farming Awards 2018 - Best Food Producer 2018
Taste of the West Champion Product 2017 - Chicken Classic Curry -
'Authentic complex dish with just the right amount of heat. You just have to keep going back for more' - Judges comments. 

 'Very tender lamb with spices going right to the centre of the meat. Lovely citrusy overtones. Great balance of flavour'.
Great Taste Award - Judges Comments.

'A very authentic curry. An excellent product'  Great Taste Award - judges comments.

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Bini's Mum & Auntie
Bini Ludlow with her Curries

Authentic Cuisine - What makes Bini curries different?

Every dish has a unique combination of spices. No one curry tastes the same. They reflect different regions of India, from the Gujarat state, famous for its complex yet subtle spicing, to Southern Indian cuisine, with the use of coconut milk, coconut oil and aromatic curry leaf and the robust spicing of Northern India. All the regions use spices in their own distinctive way. 

The recipes are traditional to home cooked Indian dishes, quality ingredients and are hand made in small batches to ensure the flavours and textures are true to the authentic Indian home cooked experience.

Many customers have said that the dishes are a true reflection of their experiences found in the villages of India. It is the authentic taste.

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"  There's curry and there's Bini's authentic home cooked curries. Bini Ludlow is untouchably a highly talented chef producing Indian cuisine of the very highest quality. Our customers rave about being able to bring to life quite exceptional Indian meals with Bini's Moghul Chicken Curry, Gujarati Toor Dal or the Lamb and Spinach curry amongst others. We are convinced Bini's cooking is right up there with the finest Indian restaurants in the UK. Bini's care and support in her supply relationship with us is deeply appreciated by the whole team "

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