Potato and Coconut Curry 

Story about the dish...

My first experience of Southern Indian food was when I travelled to Kerela in 2006. My friend Rose and I volunteered to teach art and textiles in a school for a month with  www.yearoutindia.com and my local contact Sanjay introduced me to the best breakfast in India, Masala Dosa (gluten free rice and dal pancake, filled with spiced potato curry served with sambal dal and coconut chutney). I thoroughly enjoyed the curry and when I returned back from my trip I couldn't wait to recreate the dish in my kitchen. Sanjay fell in love with my friend Rose and they are happily married with a young family. 

Great Taste Judges Comments 2 * Great Taste 2016

"We were delighted and surprised by this delighted and welcoming dish is. The spicing level is well judged and  offered a fine dining experience"

Ingredients  Potato, Onions, Tomato, mixed blend of spices, coriander. Contains mustard.