Dhaba Goat Curry 

Story about the dish...

In 2008 I was travelling up to Chamba from Shimla and the driver mentioned that we should stop off at a Dhaba ( meaning road side restaurant and truck stop in the Indian subcontinent) so we did. I think it was his favourite place to eat.

The restaurant was perched precariously on a roadside with many drivers eating happily and chatting. The food was prepared by a chef who had a very basic kitchen, charcoal stoves and a couple of large saucepans. 

The curry arrived piping hot with some chapatis.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but eventually, the driver mentioned it was curried mutton. Mutton meaning goat. He was keen to see my reaction. 

It was creamy, spiced and bursting with depth of flavour. The meat was firm, but broke beautifully in the mouth. It was so delicious. The curry left me with wonderful flavours dancing in my mouth. We continued our journey through the mountains admiring the views of the Himalayas. 

This is my take on this dish I've called it 'Dhaba Goat Curry'. 

Reviews so far ... Launched March 2023

'Just tried the Dhaba Goat Curry- wow!! Absolutely love it'  - Pipers Farm


Ingredients Goat meat, Onions, Ginger, garlic, chillies, Tomatoes, lemon, kasuri methi, pomoegranate molasses,  double cream, rapeseed oil, salt, mixed blend of spices, coriander.