Classic Chicken Curry 

Story about the dish...

My father would request for 'thicker gravy' (masala sauce) when my mother cooked her classic chicken curry, because he enjoyed scooping up the masala sauce with his chapattis and rice. with this in mind, my mother would teach me how to temper the oil with the spices to create depth of flavour into a sauce, as well as achieving the perfect consistency. The aroma would permeate out onto the streets of Bradford and was very inviting. 

we wouls sit aound the dinner table and my mum would serve out her classic chicken curry with freshly prepared chapattis, crunchy salad and creamy butter rice. The chatter and discussions were wonderful and traces of finger marks on the plates were a pleasure for my mum, knowing her growing family had enjoyed the food she had cooked. 


Taste of the West - Champion Product 2017 and Great Taste Judges Comments 1 * Great Taste 2016

"An authentic complex dish with the right amount of heat. You just have to keep going back for more"

Ingredients  free range chicken, Onions, Tomato, Ginger, garlic, chillies, mixed blend of spices, coriander. No allergens.